In Details:

Suha arrived at Dallas, Texas in May 2017, achieving a dream that began eleven years earlier.

The first three years were eventful. Suha bought a used car. The same day she broke her used car. Later she crashed her used car a few times, received some tickets, wracked it good and had it fixed. She then entered a community college and got herself a cat. She met crazy Americans and crazy non-Americans, and got herself another cat. Sometimes she herself was a crazy non-American. She got her the third cat to forget about it. In the moment that seemed to work well. She soon realized cats do not fix problems, but they do provide lots of love, and that’s okay.

Now, as a semi-American-resident, Suha intends to become a published author who weaves her experience as a Korean living in the United States into her works. And oh, yes, she got a puppy. Not to forget about things, but to enhance her life. She currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her animal family.

Her first work written in English, Cracks, advanced to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Region 6 (2019) where it was showcased alongside five other MFA playwright selections. Suha was the only undergrad selected.