And In Case You’re Wondering:

  • Suha’s from Daegu, the hottest city in the ROK.
  • She worships the sun and summer. That’s why she came to Texas.
  • Then she realized the craziness of the Texas weather.
  • That weather destroyed the ceiling of her rental home last week.
  • But she still loves Texas, her new home.
  • Married!
  • She graduated Richland College with an associate degree in 2020.
  • Suha is an actor, with her most recent work being Ouija Warehouse (2020).
  • She’s currently studying to be a Certified Dog Trainer with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.
  • Her first cat, Hemingway, is named after the author Ernest Hemingway. She’s an amazing grey tuxedo cat, the alpha in the house.
  • The other two are Goodnight and Pancake, the orange tabby brothers.
  • In her free time, she snuggles her cats, eat Korean food, make beef broth with her partner, draws and writes novelettes.
  • She likes sour worms. Umm. Yum.